Meeting at Scook also gives you a chance to take a cookery class given by one of the professionals from Anne-Sophie Pic's team.
Between 8 and 12 people can take their places around the stove and participate in a technical yet entertaining cooking lesson. Choose a theme, don your apron, and prepare to get your hands dirty! Select the class that best suits your needs. Wine tasting class: Wine tasting at Scook is an exciting gourmet adventure led by one of Maison Pic's sommeliers. Each class starts with a fun introduction to innovative wine tasting techniques, such as "second wines". The sessions are designed for 8-12 people. There is also the option to organise joint workshops for more than 12 people, with two groups taking part in the cooking and wine tasting classes separately. You then all come together again at the end, glass in hand, to sample your creations under guidance from the chef.
Chambre supérieure


Business meetings and workshops are special events that we here at Maison Pic pay particular attention to.
Holding an event here is to experience the comfort of the salons, and benefit from the spaces and rooms that are decorated in the same elegant style as the rest of the hotel. We can cater for business events for 4 to 40 people, and you will receive a personalised service to meet your every need. Reception, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner at the *** Restaurant Pic and Bistrot Le 7, cookery classes at Scook... All of these services are available to allow you to get on with your work in peace and privacy.   Maison Pic is a member of the Drôme Chamber of Commerce network, "Séminaires de Caractère".